Celebrities with their own Satellite Radio Shows

The list of celebrities with their own satellite radio shows begins and ends with the king of all media, Howard Stern. He gave up his career in terrestrial radio when the limitations on the content he could use was restricted by FCC rules. Rather than change the nature of his program, he agreed to one of the biggest monetary deals in the history of media. Stern started his satellite radio network on January 9th of 2006 and he hasn’t slowed down or looked back since.

Celebrities with their own Satellite Radio Shows

Stern hosts his own successful programs but he was also given a budget to fill an entire network schedule with shows. Stern hired celebrities to host their own shows. Scott Ferrall joined the Stern network for his own sports talk show. Popular comedian, Greg Fitzsimmons, has his own comedy show on the network titled “Fitzdog Radio”. Long time Stern sidekick, Jackie “The Joke Matin” Martling has his own show on the network as well. Other popular and sometimes controversial radio personalities also hopped on board, leaving terrestrial radio in their rear view mirror, like Bubba the Love Sponge and Jay Thomas.

Many music stars followed the path that Stern travelled. Popular musicians and song writers were given their own network channel to play their music and the music that they admire. These talented music makers select the programming and are very hands on in creating the personality of their station. Celebrity musicians and bands to have their own networks in include Jimmy Buffett, Eminem, Ozzy Osbourne, Bruce Springsteen, and Pearl Jam.

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